Install/Renew SSL in RDS Servers remotely

If you have setup RDS services setup in Microsoft Azure or your on-premise servers, you will have to install SSL certificate in your RDS servers from time to time when it gets expired. The RDS Services consists of a gateway server, a broker server, an AD server and one or more RDSH servers to run your applications. Follow the below steps to update/renew SSL in these servers.

#1. Connect to your gateway server
Remote desktop to 

#2. Open IIS
create a csr (or renewal csr) in IIS

#3. Complete CSR request
complete the csr request (or complete the renewal csr request)

#4. Export the cert
Open MMC (certificate snapin) from start
Export the cert to pfx format

#5. Import in RD Services
import the cert directly in RD services (properties) under 'tasks' dropdown in deployment properties

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