MyInfo and SingPass Integration

MyInfo and SingPass are two digital services provided by the Singaporean government that are often used together to provide secure and convenient access to a range of online services.

MyInfo is a service that enables Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to securely store and manage their personal information, such as their name, NRIC number, and address, in a centralised digital platform. By using MyInfo, individuals can easily and securely provide their personal information to government agencies and other organisations when needed, without having to repeatedly fill out forms or provide physical copies of documents.

SingPass, on the other hand, is a digital identity service that allows individuals to access a wide range of online government services securely and conveniently using a single set of login credentials. SingPass provides a level of security through multi-factor authentication, including one-time passwords and biometric identification.

Integrating MyInfo with SingPass means that individuals can use their SingPass login credentials to access MyInfo, allowing them to easily and securely retrieve and share their personal information with government agencies and other organisations. This integration helps to streamline processes and improve efficiency for both individuals and organisations, while maintaining a high level of security and privacy.

Smart Source applications for Non Profits such as Client Management System, Donor Management System, Volunteer Management System, Visitor Management System are integrated directly with MyInfo and SingPass using official APIs, so that the information gathered regarding donors, volunteers etc., are validated and verified from Singapore Government databases.

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