Handle update/delete events in sharepoint list while syncing with dataverse

To handle update and delete events in a SharePoint list, you can create a Microsoft Power Automate flow. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Power Automate and create a new flow.
  2. Choose the “SharePoint” connector and select the “When an item is created, modified or deleted” trigger.
  3. Sign in to your SharePoint account and select the site where your list is located. Then, select the list that you want to monitor for update and delete events.
  4. Add a “Condition” action to your flow to check the value of the “TriggerBody()” expression. This expression returns the data for the item that triggered the flow.
  5. Use the “TriggerBody()?[‘EventType’]” expression to determine whether the item was created, modified or deleted.
  6. If the item was modified or deleted, you can perform additional actions such as sending an email notification or updating another list or system with the changes.
  7. If the item was deleted, you can use the “Delete item” action from the SharePoint connector to delete the item from your list.
  8. Save and test your flow to ensure that it is working as expected.

Note: If you want to monitor for only update events, you can choose the “When an item is modified” trigger instead of the “When an item is created, modified or deleted” trigger.

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